Language competencies as a gateway to intercultural communication.
In the Stuttgart and Frankfurt Region.

Crossing Cultural Divides

Crossing divides – building bridges – connecting people

Reach the other side reliably - without getting caught up in a whirlwind of linguistic or cultural misunderstandings.

The gulf between different cultures sometimes seems as deep and impassable as the Grand Canyon.

A statement may be correctly interpreted or translated language-wise, yet still the intended message does not appear to properly reach the other side. Why is this?

Language and intonation alone are just the verbal part of interpersonal communication, and merely account for about 20%. The other side must understand the meaning of the words and also the cultural context in which a statement is made. Nonverbal signals make up a significant percentage of all interpersonal communication. These are expressed in body language such as pose, facial expressions and gestures, and even thoughts can be transmitted as frequencies.

It is for this reason we say, if we get along well, we are "on the same wavelength". For the correct interpretation of a communication the interpreter needs to know the verbal and non-verbal forms of expression and also the signals of the different languages and different cultures. These are then appropriately interpreted into the target language and the message is communicated in an understandable way.

We find the right words for you. By taking the respective cultural and linguistic background into account we ensure that your interlocutor fully captures your communicative intention.

Competence in languages and technology

German – English – Russian – French – Spanish – Italian

Linguistic competence

Graduate interpreters and translators.

Language experts in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region with solid academic qualifications as interpreter or translator. As our customer, you concentrate on what you want to say in your native language, while we take care of transferring it correctly into the target language – for your maximum business success.

Intercultural competence

Building bridges between cultures.

A successful communication with other cultures demands more than just a sound knowledge of the language. It is equally important to have a good grasp of the cultural, social and societal environment, including the respective country’s geographical and climate characteristics. Our many years of experience enable us to help our interlocutors gain an insight into the respective culture of the person they are interacting with. In this way, communication always run smoothly and misunderstandings are avoided.

25 years of professional experience

High level of flexibility through many years of experience.

Through our extensive professional experience in language mediation we are able to offer maximum flexibility. Interdisciplinary technical knowledge that has been acquired over many years, guarantees qualified interpreting, even in spontaneous topics for which there is no time for the interpreter to prepare. We adapt to your specific needs and can interpret in many different working environments: production halls, seminar rooms, conference halls, trade fairs, clean rooms etc. and we always find the best solution whatever the situation.

Technical competence

We understand what you are talking about.

Our main focus is on technical topics. We have specialised in a wide range of technical fields and over many years have acquired in-depth technical knowledge in mechanical engineering and automotive industries, especially in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region. You can depend on our communication skills in knowledge transfer and can always rest assured that what you have to say is correctly portrayed to the person you are talking to.